CGI Scripts


Our UNIX servers have the capability to run CGI scripts written in Perl. There are a numberof free scripts which you can install automatically using the CGI Scripts page, alternatively you can use your own custom scripts.

Using Custom CGI Scripts
If you have a custom CGI script that you need use, simply upload it using FTP to the 'cgi-bin' directory. All CGI scriptsmust be placed in the cgi-bin directory and must have an extension of .cgi or .pl. Ensure that your FTP program uploads the file in ASCII mode and be sure to set thecorrect file permissions using the 'chmod' command from within your FTP client.

System Information
The following parameters may be required when configuring CGI scripts to run on our servers. If you require any more information regarding the configuration of our servers please contact us.

Path To Perl/usr/bin/perl
Perl Version5
Path To Sendmail/usr/sbin/sendmail
Path To PGP/usr/local/bin/pgp
PGP Version5
Path To Date/bin/date
Path To Your Webspace /home/d/e/demo_user/public_html
Note that the path to your home directory is different when you call a CGI script from the SSL secure server.

Perl Modules
All modules included in the standard perl distribution and DBI drivers for mySQL are installed on our servers.

Debugging CGI Scripts
If you see a '500 Internal Server Error' page when you attempt to run your CGI script,you have an error with your code or a misconfiguration. The information in your siteError Log may help you solve the problem.

Notes on CGI Scripts
Please note that chat/IRC, web proxy and mailing list scripts are not allowed on our networkunder any circumstances. See our Acceptable Use Policyfor more information.

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