Whois is a free CGI script that you can install onto your account via the Scripts page. The script allows visitors to your site to search for domain names online.

Accessing Whois
The whois script and related data file reside in the cgi-bin directory of your web space. The whois script can be accessed at To allow your visitors to use the script just make a hyperlink in your page to this URL.

Customising Whois
The appearance of the whois page can be completely customised using the HTML template found at /cgi-bin/whois.html. You can make any modifications to this template that you desire so long as the form elements and comment tags remain intact.

Order Form Integration
The whois script can be integrated with an online order form. To do this uncomment the '$orderform' line within the script and enter the URL to your order form. With this modification, any available domain name will be hyperlinked to your order form and the domain name passed to the order form as an argument.

Copyright Notice
This script was written by us for the use our our customers only. This script may be used on our servers only. Should you change hosting providers you may not take this script with you. Unauthorised use of this script will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.

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