mySQL is a powerful database engine which can be integrated into your web site using a programming language such as PHP or Perl. To find out whether mySQL is available on your account type please see the mySQL page.

Installing mySQL
mySQL can be installed using the mySQL page, click 'Install mySQL'. You will be asked to specify a password which will be used to authenticate logins to this database. The password must be between 5 and 20 characters long, must consist of letters and numbersonly and for maximum security cannot be the same as the account username or main account password.When you click 'Install mySQL' a mySQL database will be created and access permissions to it grantedfor your account.

Uninstalling mySQL
If you have installed mySQL and no longer need it, it can be uninstalled using the mySQL page, click 'Uninstall mySQL'. You will be asked to confirm the action before mySQL is actually removed your account. On confirmation your mySQL database including all its contents will be erased.

Change mySQL Password
When mySQL is installed on your account, you can change the password used to access it via the mySQL page, click 'Change mySQL Password'. Enterthe new password for the database into both boxes and click 'Change mySQL Password' to committhe changes. Remember that you will need to update the configuration of any web based applicationswhich use the mySQL database with the new password.

mySQL Administrator
When mySQL is installed on your account, the mySQL Administrator can be accessed via the mySQL page, click 'mySQL Administrator'. This web based interface enables you to manage your database from your browser.

Accessing mySQL
To access mySQL via your web pages, connect to the mySQL server using the following credentials.

UsernameThe account's username
PasswordThe password you set for the database
DatabaseThe account's username

Notes On mySQL
Note that to connect to your mySQL database from the SSL secure server you must use a different server host name, see the SSL page for more information.

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