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CGI Scripts


CGI scripts enable the addition of interactive and dynamic elements to your site. The following scripts are available free of charge and can be installed automatically on to your account.

This script displays a count of the number of visitors to your web site. The count increments automatically each time someone visits your site. More >

MailForm is a WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any form and send them to the e-mail address you specify. This script has many features which will allow you to control the output of the script. More >

Check the availability of domain names online. Allows complete customisation of output through the use of a HTML template and integrates with online order forms. More >

Redirect users to pages on your site using select boxes or drop down lists. More >

Guest Book
Allow visitors to your site to leave their comments for you and your users to see. More >

Bulletin Board
A WWW discussion board script allowing for threaded discussions on your web site. Bulletin Board includes a powerful administrative tool for the site owner to manage the board. More >



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